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At a Tranquil Nest, we are focused on helping seniors sort, purge, downsize, move closer to family, or into a senior living community.


Are you transitioning to a home that is smaller, offers assistance, or is closer to family?

This process can be overwhelming. We offer experienced help in sorting and purging personal treasures, space planning, and coordinating the complex details of a move.

Are your parents moving, but you don't live close by?

We can do what you would do if you lived here, with regular Zoom meetings scheduled so you can be engaged in the process.


I love helping people navigate one of life's biggest challenges, moving! I love their expressions of relief, their discoveries of inner strength and discernment, and the empowerment that occurs with a trained senior move manager by their side. I would be honored to walk along side of you. We can do this together. 

Kathy Edson

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It was something I had to look at and face. In the end, I was so grateful to have the help. It’s a beautiful convergence of energy. It was really profound.


Michele L, Life Coach

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