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Home Organizing

Recommended for a trouble spot in your home, such as a closet, pantry, child's room or home office. Tackling one area with focused de-cluttering and organizing may just be the breath of fresh air you need to bring your space back into alignment with joy. This approach is available for businesses too.

KonMari Method® Organizing

An intensive hands on, dive in approach where your Certified Consultant is present and assisting every step of the way. From clothing, paper, books, and miscellaneous items, all the way through the sentimental category, this method is designed to help put your whole house in order once and for all. Tidying festivals are intended to be completed within six months of starting the process and may include some homework to achieve this timeframe.


$50.00 per hour, includes haul off of donations

For travel over 50 miles one way, a daily travel fee of $25.00 is added.

Gift Certificates are available now!

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your space?

Sometimes you get stuck enough that a professional organizer's help can bring about the sense of order and calm that you are seeking.

Are you tired of trying to manage the mess on your own?

Our process is intended to address your clutter once and for all, and it will clear space for a life you are excited to be living.

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