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If the vision of your ideal life and your current surroundings are at odds, you have landed in the 
right place!

As a Certified KonMari® Consultant, I am here to guide you through the process of achieving a more joyful and serene space. Home or office, single, family, or empty nest, wherever you are along life’s path, sometimes you get stuck enough that a professional organizer’s help can bring about the sense of order and calm that you are seeking. You may choose a single session or a package, and we’ll tackle up to five categories of personal belongings using the KonMari® Method. We’ll celebrate those items which spark joy®, release those that no longer do, and find the perfect place for everything. It is a process intended to address your clutter once and for all, and it will clear space for a life you are excited to be living.

If you: 

  • Feel overwhelmed or chronically unorganized; 

  • Need help preparing to move or stage a house; 

  • Wish you could feel more in control of your life, or just plain relaxed

Then call! Phone consultations are complimentary, and recommended prior to booking your first session.

Well Organized Closet
Striped Cusion on Sofa


My closet and dresser had become overwhelmed with clothing but I didn't know where to begin or how to get rid of unwanted and unneeded things. Kathy helped me pull out everything (and there was a lot) and then caringly go through the process of deciding what I wanted to keep and what I could share to the thrift store for someone who was in need. As we began to put back the clothing that I was keeping, the Konmari organization system was exciting to watch unfold. All my dresser drawers were uncluttered and I could easily see exactly what was in each drawer. And the closet.. Oh My Gosh! The closet looked amazing. All thinned out and in order by style and colors. The experience was transformative. Highly recommend A Tranquil Nest!!!!

Marc Edson, A Satisfied Customer


It was something I had to look at and face. I couldn’t take it anymore. The entire project took 10 hours but the result of it was so amazing. In the end, I was so grateful to have the help. And it was really this moment of ‘Oh my gosh!’ One by one, picking things that spark joy, how can I apply that to my life? So yeah, I did my closet! It’s a beautiful convergence of energy. It was really profound.


Michele Laine, Life Coach

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